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Car drivers tend not to give their tyres a second thought,but it’s a different story when you’re a biker.Tyres take on a totally different perspective.
Those two contact patches are all there is between you and oblivion. Those two little patches of rubber have a lot of hard work to do... Putting the power down, scrubbing the speed off, smoothing the bumps and defying gravity through the twisty bits. So you need to know your tyres are as good as you can get. Where better to start than on the MotoGP tracks? Rossi rides Bridgestone, Stoner rides Bridgestone, Pedrosa rides Bridgestone. In fact, as.the only approved tyre until the end of 2011 season, ours is the only tyre out there. And the technology we develop on the race track is what helps us build better tyres for use on... and off... the road.So take a look through this leaflet, find the tyres that suit your riding style and get down to your Bridgestone stockist now.

Surprisingly, grip is not the single, most important thing to think about when choosing tyres. You need to choose tyres fully approved for fitment to your bike, that will suit the characteristics of your bike and your riding requirements.

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