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BT-016 - Built to help you ride better


It delivers better contact feel, better feedback, better stability and better mileage… not to mention significant noise reduction. In a nutshell, no matter how you ride, the BT-016 is built to help you ride better. Ok, that’s what it does, but how does it do it?.

First off we’ve combined our MotoGP construction technology with our SACT compound technology, to deliver optimum grip when braking, cornering and accelerating.

Like riding on rails
The BT-016 front tyre has a three-layer compound, while the rear tyre is the first street tyre to have a five-layer compound. Firstly, there’s a hard compound in the centre tread area for good stability and higher mileage.
This is flanked by medium compound on the shoulders, to give the traction you need to transfer your engine power to the road surface.

Last, but by no means least, a soft compound on the edges delivers strong side grip and a massive feeling of contact when you’ve got the bike cranked all the way over. Heard the expression ‘like riding on rails’? Welcome aboard! We could bang on more about High Tensile Super Penetrated cord*, Mono Spiral Belts*, lower void ratios and a whole bunch of other techy type stuff. But, hey, d’you wanna talk or ride?!

BT-016. No hype, just hypersport

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Fast Bikes
“One day, we’ll look back and laugh at the days when tyres were made of single compound. We’ll probably also acknowledge the Bridgestone BT-016 as pivotal in the transition between the intolerance and acceptance of compromise.”

“With big Kwak now passing the 8,500 mile marker, it’s been time to change the tyres too. Shockingly the Bridgestone BT-016s have been on for an honest 5,000 miles and only recently has the rear started squaring off. The front looks good for many miles yet. I’ve really enjoyed riding on the 016’s.... certainly they’ve had me cornering harder on the road than I usually do. And to last this long on a bike this powerful, that’s ticking all the boxes – great performance wet or dry plus good longevity

Ron Haslam:
“The BT-016 tyre is a step up from the BT-014 it replaces... The feedback on BT-016s is great - they are much easier to manage once they reach the limit of their grip, giving plenty of notice and making them very predictable. They are excellent in wet conditions and I found the performance and durability to be first class. It’s quite remarkable really, considering this is a road tyre. I have ridden on race tyres that don’t give as much feedback as these - I can’t fault them.”

Motorcycle News
“In summary the BT-016 is mighty impressive for a road tyre and I’ll stick my neck on the line by saying they are more than good enough for the odd track day. Only experienced riders on powerful bikes will find its limitations on track, but for 90% of riders you’ll never need anything more. As an
all-round tyre for the road and track they are faultless and highly recommended.”


“Fitting a set of Bridgestone BT-016 tyres.... really increased the fun... One minute warm sunshine, the next torrential rain... But day in day out the ride to work was always thrilling. Quick to warm up, with progressive turn-in rate, as well as being remarkably grippy in the wet, the Bridgestones really suited the Street Triple’s style. They lasted well too, taking in miles of commuting, four trackdays and an entry into the extremely demanding National Road Rally: 540 miles of B-roads in 24 hours.”

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