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Obviously, as the world’s number one, we have to keep moving forward and, quite understandably, serious sports bike riders look to us for new developments on an ongoing basis. But, having already given you the BT-016, the best hypersport tyre on the road, this could have been a bit of a tall order. How could we improve on perfection? Luckily, as sole supplier to the MotoGP World Championship, we were already on track with the perfect answer… utilise our very latest MotoGP technology to make the BT-016 even more awesome.

So here it is, the BT-016 PRO – real race technology for the everyday rider. Designed for larger sports bikes, the BT-016 PRO delivers that elusive combination of durability, superior grip and a smooth comfortable ride.
Sure, this may sound like typical tyre sales blurb, but remember where its
coming from…

BT-016 PRO… taking the best just that little bit further.

The BT-016 has received more great reviews than you can shake a stick at and Signore Rossi and the rest have shown that our tyre technology
can take everything you can throw at it. So Bridgestone is uniquely placed to deliver solid substance, not hollow words.

The BT-016 PRO incorporates
a 3-Layer compound tread, for great cornering grip and precise straight-line handling, while the Silica Rich Ex compound delivers excellent durability and superb wet-grip. Moreover, the performance levels are maintained throughout the life of the tyre… another little trick we learned from the track!

BT-016 PRO… taking the best just that little bit further.


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