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Bridgestone Bt-021


When we launched the BT-021, we said it would become ‘the world’s favourite sports-touring tyre’, delivering, as it did, confident front-end feel, great grip, high stability, both on motorways and winding roads with plenty of shock absorption.

Time and technology may move on, but good things live on – and the 021 still has a lot of roads left to ride and an army of dedicated riders who know this is a sports-touring tyre they can trust… bend after bend, mile after mile. With 5 front and 7 rear sizes, the BT-021 is ideal for most of today’s ‘naked’ road bikes and a majority of 600 to 1200cc. sport touring bikes.

T.W.O. “...we’ve had time to fit them to our GSR600 long-termer and get an idea of how they perform – and that’s pretty damn well. The 021s give a plush ride, they’re incredibly stable, giving a noticeable calming effect to the otherwise skittish Suzuki in crosswinds at motorway speeds, and their wet grip is astounding. They also warm up fast and, on less-than-perfect cold, winter Tarmac, deliver confidence inspiring levels of grip.”

Bridgestone BT-021 Bike Tyres

Bridgestone Bt-021

JP has been clocking up the miles on the 021’s fitted to his R6: “The best thing about them for me is the very quick feeling I get for grip fresh out the gate and felt like there was good contact patch gripping the road... They slowed the steering down a bit, but not much, it’s an agile bike and it’s still agile with the 021’s fitted.

After using so many sports tyres designed for the track on my R6, it came as a bit of a shock that I could lean the bike over so far and get away with using the throttle and brakes so hard, with ST tyres in (bad) weather. They’re good because they grip well and made me feel confident, which is exactly what sports touring tyres don’t usually do.”

Mirror Motoring
“I decided to change a sports-touring tyre for the winter and plumped for the all-new Bridgestone BT-021... I’ve now covered over 1,500 miles on the BT-021’s and they’ve been outstanding. They’re confidence inspiring from the off. Even when the road temperature has been close to freezing, the first couple of miles have been dispatched confidently... under hard braking in the wet, the front gives plenty of feel through the lever. There’s none of the ‘wooden’ lack of feel that is often the case with sports tyres which haven’t reached operating temperature. And they cope well in wet weather... If I had to make one pair of tyres last all year, I’d happily choose Bridgestone BT-021s.”
Paul Hood
Mirror Motoring,

Road tester, Adam Child:
”On the Speed Triple the amount of front grip was really impressive, giving enough feedback to let you trail the brakes as you start to lean into the turn, remarkable considering the cold and slippery surface.”


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