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It goes mile upon comfortable mile further…

Our new Battlax BT-023 doesn’t just go further to deliver outstanding sports-touring performance… it goes mile upon comfortable mile further… In short, the BT-023 is designed to deliver outstanding mileage and a whole lot more. .
Things like greatly improved wet-grip, low-noise, light-handling, sharp-braking and superb shock-absorption to make smooth work of the toughest trip. Features that make it easy to see why the BT-023 is destined to become the ‘must have’ tyre for today’s touring bikes... and selected sports bikes too

Or, to put it simply, if you ride a bike like a Blade or a GSXR1000 and you want outstanding grip, remarkable handling and rock-solid, high-speed stability... you got it!Such performance is hardly surprising when you look at the BT-023’s heritage… following in the tracks of the legendary BT-020/021 and with all the technological advances you’d expect from the world’s leading tyre manufacturer.

Advances like Mono-Spiral Belt, 3LC and Silica Rich Ex construction and, probably the most significant advance of all, RC Polymer. Without getting too technical*, this is a rubber designed to give a better silica distribution to improve tread flexibility for enhanced wet and low-temperature performance and grip.

The technology also gives improved rolling resistance to reduce fuel consumption and tyre noise.
Trust Bridgestone to go further to deliver a sports-touring tyre that leaves the competition miles behind.

Bridgestone BT-023 Bike Tyres

Bridgestone Bt-023


"Even in the cold and wet the tyres were warm after some quick riding, impressive grip even in the cold and damp".

"Really confidence inspiring in the wet, has to be one of the best road legal tyres I've tried in the wet".

"The level of grip is really impressive on the road, the bike steers well and stability is excellent, never a problem even at high speeds".

"You can feel the front tyre working and reacting to imperfections and bumps in the road, very impressive".

Chris Moss
Theories being one thing and practice being another... I have to say I’m very impressed with them (BT-023s) indeed. Despite... being laden with lots of luggage, the tyres still felt very secure in corners and really boosted my confidence.

The all-important feel, not something always evident in sports touring tyres, was also very welcome... Even in the rain the BT-023s never gave me any cause for concern.

With excellent stability, good cold weather performance and neutral steering, they’re hard to fault... Even on a very light and powerful Suzuki GSX-R1000 - a choice of bike which underlines Bridgestone’s confidence in its product - I felt more than happy to push hard.

I’d say their grip and general performance is as good if not better than BT-014s. ... the BT-023s will be my preferred choice of tyre for road use simply because of their comprehensive ability.

I’ve been waiting for a sporty yet durable tyre like this for years.

Mick Extance Off Road Experience


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BT-023 Bike Tyres
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