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A premium sport tyre inspired by Bridgestone’s MotoGP technology


Bridgestone has strengthened its motorcycle tyre line-up with the launch of a premium sport tyre: the Battlax Hyper Sport S20 for riders of high-powered machines from 600 to 1300 cc. Using the “S” (= Sport) symbol for the first time on a Battlax tyre, the premium S20 completes Bridgestone’s Hyper Sport product line-up that includes the Battlax BT-016 Pro and BT-016 amongst other sport specialists for road and track.

The development target for the S20 was to meet the demands of European sport riders for the highest handling performance in wet and dry on all types of roads and riding conditions: highway touring, winding country roads, city streets and track circuits. Bridgestone engineers turned to their MotoGP experience for the answers.

“Test results of the new S20 show that Bridgestone can take MotoGP technology and apply it to a road tyre” says Vincent Van Houtte, Manager Motorcycle Tyre Products, Bridgestone Europe.

Bridgestone S20 Bike Tyres

Bridgestone S20



Larger contact area at all angles

Compared to the BT-016 Pro, the S20 has superior handling on wet and dry, while maintaining excellent wear life performance. Bridgestone’s proven construction with Mono-Spiral Belt (MSB) and High Tensile Super Penetrated Cord (HTSPC) has been optimized to produce a larger ground contact patch at all riding angles, providing more grip in all conditions. At lower camber angles, this larger contact area improves the contact feel and adds ride comfort; at medium and higher angles, riders enjoy more cornering stability.

The S20 tread pattern is designed with grooves that straighten out in the centre of the tread, improving cornering performance when the angle is low, particularly at turn-in. On the front, the side grooves run up to the shoulder, providing better contact feels at high angles and stronger grip on wet and dry. On the rear, the wider grooves give confident grip in the wet.

"The S20’s large contact area and grip level come from its MotoGP genes. Sporty riders can tackle the angles with full confidence” says Dominique Plom, Assistant Manager, Field Engineer, Bridgestone Europe.

Immediate grip

The new compound with Silica Rich and Bridgestone’s proprietary NanoPro-TechTM polymer, which reduces heat build-up during tyre rotation, provides improved grip in the wet and at low temperatures. This gives confident grip right from the start during warm-up, without sacrificing mileage performance on front or rear.

The triple-layer compound (3LC) with an optimized segmentation of soft and harder compound has been applied on front and rear, improving dry grip as well as giving high stability in cornering and good mileage.

New wet grip benchmark

Test results versus Bridgestone’s BT-016 Pro tyre show that the new S20 delivers improved grip on dry roads, giving more confidence for cornering, and high-level sporty handling. On the track, riders can expect high cornering stability and faster lap times through better and more balanced grip on front and rear.

Bridgestone tests show that the S20 wet grip is even better than the BT-016 Pro, already the established standard in the wet. Results also show the high stability that comes from improved grip, with easy control in heavy rain conditions.

This high-level grip has been achieved without sacrificing mileage performance. Bridgestone tests confirm that the new S20 compound has excellent wear resistance, providing high mileage on front and rear tyres.

The new premium Battlax Hyper Sport S20 is available in Europe from January 2012 in 4 front sizes and 7 rear sizes.

Handling Improved

• Achieved high handling performance and easier cornering by using a new pattern and a construction technology inspired by Moto GP.
• Tyre has excellent performance on city roads, highways, etc.

Increased Grip level with long mileage

• Achieved high grip by adopting a new compound that works in a wider range of temperatures.
• Tyre features quick warm up even in low temperature conditions.
• Tyre works well in cool conditions

Increased Grip level with long mileage

• Increased wet performance vs. BT016 PRO by adopting a new pattern and compound.
• Tyre performs well in all conditions from damp to extreme wet road conditions



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